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Your computer is IMPORTANT to you. That's why at NorthBay Computer Systems, we combine good old-fashioned service with cutting-edge know-how to get you up and running and keep you there.

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Who do you call when your computer dumps on you? Northbay Computers!
Our workhorse Dell 6400 would not boot, file missing/corrupt. I couldn’t revive it and call Ryan. Dropped it off Saturday and Ryan calls Monday. We had talked about OS upgrade to Windows 7 as it is XP unsupported.
Ryan said hold off and consider a new machine as upgrading may not be the best solution.
Ryan backed up all files on an external drive, corrected the missing file and for now it is functioning properly.
Yes, he could have upgraded which would have been pricing and I willing to pay it. His professionalism and customer centered loyalty as evidenced previously, held true.
Like an old family doctor, Northbay Computers is trustworthy to diagnose and recommend the correct course of action to get your machine back to working without taking an arm and a leg.
Perry A
I’m a web developer and I have many local clients. Without hesitation I send my clients to North bay Computer Systems whenever they have issues with their computers. John, Ryan and Lana have helped all types of my clients – from single computer users to 6 work-stations and a rack server. John’c come out on weekends to help my clients move everything to a new office to avoid any week-day downtime. You won’t find another computer tech so dedicated to his clients.

The thing that leaves the biggest impression on me is that John really understands the panic that is felt when a persons means of livelihood is handicapped and he approaches each situation sensitively and with the utmost professionalism. I’m so happy to have a relationship where I know I can confidently refer my clients.
Gabe B.

After having multiple issues with Geek squad, I was in need of a local computer repair shop. I was recommended NorthBay computer Systems, These guys are great, can’t recommend them enough! I went there on two separate occasions for different issues I was having with my PC and received same day assistance. I’ve always had Ryan as my tech, but all of the guys there are knowledgeable and so helpful! Goodbye Geek squad!
Pooch P.
These guys are great! I’d been stressing all weekend about an employee’s dead PC, so I took it to NorthBay at 7am on Monday morning. John replaced the power supply, corrected a video card problem, and had me back to the office well before my employee started at 8am! Thanks John and NorthBay Computer Systems!
Joe D.

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