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San Rafael Computer Repair

Your computer is IMPORTANT to You.

That's why at NorthBay Computer Systems, we combine Good Old-Fashioned Service with Cutting-Edge Know-How to get you up and running and keep you there.

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I am typing this from my computer, which I had already mentally buried. I got it from my stepdad, and almost as soon as I started using it, I kept getting this weird blue screen with some message about the display moniter.

I suppose its worth noting that I use an HP Windows 7 laptop with Beats Audio.

I brought it in, and Ryan, who was AMAAAZING, called me with copious updates. I wasn't able to answer both times because he happened to call while I was at work, but the message was so detailed, I felt like I knew exactly what the status of my laptop was and how far along or far from the goal we were.

I picked up my computer early the next week, took it home, and alas, the blue screen was still happening. I called them back, and they told me to bring it back and they would work on it until it was fixed, for free (since I had already paid for the service the first time).

I swung by a couple days later, picked up my computer, which was now FIXED, and went about my way.

Look, I can't afford to buy a new laptop. I am also an aspiring novelist in what little spare time I have, so the laptop is incredibly important to me. It meant so much to me that these guys were so friendly, so warm, kept me updated every step along the way, and displayed so much concern about making sure they got the job done. I appreciated each one of them (worked with a couple different guys, but mostly Ryan), and I appreciated the ultra reasonable price I paid for having such an important item back in my life.

Thank you to NCS. I would absolutely recommend you, and use you again and again should the situation ever arise.

Ashley J. | Marin County, CA

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